Absolute Cyber Security Delivered! From Known, Unknown and Yet to be Created Future Threats
Cyber criminals always have the upper hand
We know that the cyber criminals are always ahead of us because they use the latest technologies, methods and exploits to create cyber threats.
Dependence on obsolete technology
The reason cyber criminals always have the upper hand and computers are compromised every day is because we use outdated technologies ‘Signature” (Invented 1984) and ‘Behavior (Invented 1986) to identify and combat the cyber threats.

Doing the same thing again and again with slight modifications cannot get us different results.
Need for a completely new technology
Cybersecurity gurus and experts the world over agree that a completely new technology from the ground-up is needed to prevent cyber compromise.
It is time for a technology transition
We bring a completely new technology that uses local Processes as the Backbone and identifies threats always in their totally unknown state.
About Foiler

Future Proof your Cyber Security
Foiler is a small footprint fully automated solution that protects your computer from past and yet to be created future threats for targeted hacking (APTs), Ransomware, Spyware, Keyloggers and Password Stealers.
It needs no client-server communication, no dependence on user determination and does not require updates for protection.
On the Dot
On the Dot
Zero false positives and zero false negatives and is closely embedded into the OS.
Protects equally and effectively from Past and Future hacking attempts
Identifies and removes the hacking components BEFORE they reach the RAM of the Computer, creating a completely hacker immune environment.
Works along with any popular Anti-Virus software and any other security solutions.
Zero Dependence on the user.
Evaluated and Certified by a leading Global organization. Proven in highly vulnerable environments.

Solutions currently available in the market can deliver only partial security. That is because the technologies they are based on depend on the malware as the “Known” entity.

The only way that proactive security can be delivered in cyber real time is by making the malware as the completely “Unknown” entity. That is why cyber security Gurus and IT experts all agree that a completely new technology is needed to deliver effective cyber security.

Appreciating the fact that our real aim in cyber security is to secure the computer, our technology makes the computer the “Known” entity and the malware the completely “Unknown” entity. That is why our solution is able to deliver total and absolute security in a proactive manner.

The computer is not a magic box. For anything to happen in a computer, it requires a Process (executable file in the RAM) to cause it to happen. Inside the computer, its working can only be within the boundaries of the Operating System. The Operating System specifies that before a file can go the RAM, it must be created in the hard drive. For the file to be created in the hard drive, a Process in the RAM must cause that creation.

Foiler provides and revokes authorization to the Processes in the RAM to create one or more executable files. File(s) created in the hard drive by a Process or a set of Processes that do not have authorization to create files in that session, will cause those files to be classified as surreptitious files and removed. The term file here means executable files. All non-executable files created by the same set of Processes during the same session will also be parallelly removed and any changes to the system configuration rolled back.

A series of events in a specific sequence will deliver authorization to one or a set of Processes to create software in a specific session. This is the core of our technology.

In essence, instead of focusing on the malware, Foiler delivers absolute cyber security because its technology keeps the focus on the computer to keep it always in a trustworthy state.
Our Story

A decade after being successful in application software, including an IPO in India’s prestigious Bombay Stock Exchange, Baskar set his eyes on doing something at the global level and began an open-ended research in 2001.

Several years of research culminated in a completely new cyber security technology from the ground up. A technology that promised to deliver total and complete cyber security with no need for updates or user dependence.

2006 saw the Singapore Government inviting Baskar and his team to relocate to Singapore and thus began the exciting journey of converting his technology into coding and ultimately a fine finished product that could be marketed.

With his many years of experience developing software products, Baskar knew that the only way to make a successful software product was to ensure user delight. This saw the team launch Rudra, the world’s first total security software that ensured customer delight across about 20,000 installations in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India and Singapore.

Strategically Baskar decided to focus on a niche market first – hacking and ransomware, and thus was born Foiler. After Foiler received huge appreciation from the Banking and Corporate market in India and the Middle East, we are now launching Foiler as the flagship product under the banner of our US Company Foiler Inc.


Finance & Investments
Finance & Investments
Why Foiler

Imagine a small footprint (100 kb) fully automated software that delivers complete cyber security from APTs, Ransomware, Spyware, Keyloggers and Password Stealers – with no need for client server communication, no dependence on updates and no dependence on user determination – that is Foiler in your environment.

Imagine your peace of mind, knowing that you are fully protected from targeted hacking, ransomware etc. irrespective of whether the threat is already created or will be created several months or several years from now.

Imagine cyber security is no longer an area of concern for you and your data is totally safe – that is Foiler for you.
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